Managed to set aside some time over the weekend to finish up my SSX chakrams, as well as get started on some small accessories to go with the costume. In my opinion the chakrams took waaaay too much time, I was hoping for it to be a simple project, but alas ;_;

I've got the basic structure of the chakrams done, but because one side of the foam mats I used has this textured surface, I needed to cover it up. I traced and cut out more sheets of thin craft foam, and glued them over the flat sections of the blades, taking care to make the seams neat and clean, removing any globs of hotglue or any other crap like that. Some time later, I managed to cover all the surfaces of both chakrams -
And now comes detailing and painting, which is very straightforward, so I won't type a whole wall of text about that. I sketched out the raised designs, copied them onto another piece of foam, cut them out, and glued them on. Primed the foam surfaces, laid down a base coat of black spraypaint, and then brushed on the gold and silver.
You can also see how the chakrams come apart for easy transport. They're quite huge so they'd never be able to fit into any bag I own otherwise (or even into a car, for that matter ._.)

Finally, I wrapped the grip with a long strip of black pleather. And we're all done! Glad to be done with these.
Spent a total of $8 on the two hoops, and large pieces of craft foam. $10 left to spend on whatever fabrics I can't find in my stash!

I've also started on some of the smaller accessories, like the necklace and the headpiece that go with the outfit.
I couldn't really make out the exact design of the necklace, other than it had three sky blue gems and a gold piece running along a third of its length, so I just.... came up with something that looks the part LOL.
Flowers for the headpiece!

I wanted them to sort of look like little porcelain flowers, so instead of using fabric ones, I made them from foam and acrylic gems, with very thick coats of clear varnish on the petals, and gold nail polish and glitter on the gems.
And that's about it for today's entry.. I'm just left with the rest of the headpiece, and then the costume itself. And shoes. I actually want to wear this to an event, but I really have no idea what events there are this year. OTL

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