- EDIT - 28/03/2013
Nose Secret has very generously offered a discount to my readers, simply quote the code COSPLAY when ordering to enjoy a 20% discount! <3

They've also assured me that the splints should not be uncomfortable to wear daily as long as you pick the right size! Therefore before you order please make sure you measure your nose (following the directions on the nose secret website) carefully to ascertain which size you should be wearing).

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Ya'll know I hate my nose when I cosplay, right?

Anyway, I've been making do with a combination of makeup highlighter, sucking in my nostrils when I pose, and photoshop when I cosplay, but recently I stumbled upon this gold mine of epic nose-saving.


I looked through the site and did a bit of reading, and at first I was kind of skeptical, but at 35USD, I thought it wasn't too expensive to try out. They have that 2-week refund policy going on, anyway.

My package arrived quite promptly, within a week of payment.

I ordered the SML kit, just to be safe. The kit came in a cute little organza pouch, with instructions, a little card calendar, and with each pair packed separately.

What nose secret is is basically a pair of flexible plastic splints that you insert into your nostril, and it pushes the tip of your nose up and out, making it appear sharper and more refined.

The scary looking hook thing is for removal of the splints from your nose.

I took one look at the M and L sizes and decided that they were not going into my nose lol. So I tried the S, and luckily enough, it was a decent fit.

I'm not going to lie. They are as uncomfortable as fook. Wearing the splints isn't painful, but it literally feels like someone put a hook into your nostrils and is gently tugging on it.

However, the results are instant.

OMG. I can haz sharp nose. <3
These photos haven't been shopped, you can see how my nose has become all pointy. I did apply a filter to save my horrible complexion though, many pardons. Haven't been sleeping enough recently.

I'm super pleased with the results, though I'm not sure if I'll be wearing them for every single cosplay. Probably to events, so that at least I won't look entirely ugly on camera, especially since you can't shop every single event photo of you there is. LOL.

So anyway, I really recommend this for cosplayers especially, for once-in-a-while use. Daily use.. Probably not, unless you can get over how uncomfortable it is.

Don't wear these to the gym, while you're out on a run, exercising, swimming, sleeping, etc. Do not prod or pinch or pull your nose forcefully while wearing the splints, they will hurt. Also do not allow anyone to prod or pinch or pull your nose, and most certainly not punch you while you're wearing them, although imo the splints should be the least of your concerns in that sort of situation. Either run, or retaliate with great fury. Or you can retaliate, and then run.

Or you could dodge..

Thanks for sharing. It seems that size small while gives you a great lift it may be too big for you, that may be the reason why it is uncomfortable, please call us or email us at customercare@nosesecret.com to send you size XS for free.
As a token of appreciation we are passing a discount of 20% OFF on any NoseSecret Kit to your followers: use code COSPLAY
You can use NoseSecret every day. However, you must adjust to the splint by wearing the product for short periods of time at the beginning and build up the time as you feel more comfortable with them.


man these look awesome. but i was wondering... do they ride up vertically if you move you face muscles? D8


I have these also in S. i think yes, they're too big. What i did: carefully bent them with pliers, until they're more of a U-shaped.
Now they're so much more comfortable to wear.
I wear them almost everyday now, especially to events with a lot of picture taking going on LOL


To Mizurei: no, they stay intact, not moving an inch :)


Can you help me order? Please. Email me at euriklea@ymail.com


Can you help to order??


You can get assistance ordering Nosesecret by visiting Nosesecret.com and chatting with a representative.
You can also call 201 2660077 in the US


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