I was pretty excited when Kasumi was announced as a playable character in Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge, so I figured I'd attempt a costume. Chose the white because.. well.. I like white.

I thought it'd be a reallyyyyy easy costume, but sadly I was wrong as usual. I had to re-do the top once because the initial draft I came up with wasn't form-fitting enough and kept gaping open lol. In the end I took it apart and cut it like a swimsuit, moving the front darts to the side ish for more support, all the while very thankful that I chose a fabric with a bit of stretch. While looking for fabrics, I found this uber pretty, textured red idk-what-fabric. It was embossed with red peonies and was so pretty and everything and I just HAD to have it for the costume. So I bought it and regretted it forever lol. It was really soft and flowy and just went every damn where, ironing it was a nightmare, trying to wrangle it into a bias was a nightmare, prewashing it was a nightmare, it was just disgusting. In the end I pushed a light fusible interfacing onto it and managed to sew it on, VERY SLOWLY.

..Okay, so the costume wasn't like insanely difficult or anything, but I was just really annoyed because it turned out to be more work than I initially expected lol.

I also made the long gloves and leggings from spandex, the pink wrap-around sash from a heavy jersey, and the arm and shin guards from craft foam covered in heavy cotton. The bracelets were sewn from gold pleather and attached to the arm guards, with velcro closures.

I hand dyed the pink gradient onto the front and back panels, and also hand painted the falling cherry blossoms and KASUMI motif on the back of the top. I enjoy painting stuff so it was really therapeutic. Bound the panels in a broad red bias binding of the same shade because I couldn't bear the thought of wrestling around with that horrid fabric from hell again. ;_;
Besides her short sword, I also prepared a set of fuuma shuriken, the personalized projectile weapon that she uses in Razor's Edge. I made the individual blades from plastic and foam, with metallic card stock for the blade edges. They combine to form a super lightweight foldable prop.


Seems to be quite difficult with this fabric.
For leggings I usually use this pattern from Burdastyle.com :

Good luck for sewing this costume :)


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