蔡文姫 Cai Wenji                      Jimori
貂蝉 Diao Chan                       Orbakat
孫尚香 Sun Shang Xiang       Kirisaki
星彩 Xing Cai                           Luna En Grey
王元姫 Wang Yuanji              Meganelover
甄姫 Zhenji                             Rainer (Yours Truly)

Photography                         Nik Yan, Shiro Ang, Sihan Chen, Fantastiqueist
Special Thanks                      Blurmage
I was pretty hyped to be invited to shoot with this beautiful team of DW ladies. Everyone's costumes were so intricate and beautiful. <3 Thanks for the invite!

This costume base was made by Jessie, my extremely skilled tailor, who made a beautiful job of it. I swear, it slimmed me several sizes. I picked a pretty satin with a blue-white gradient for the coat, a heavier cream colored satin for the collar, gold mesh for the inner top and sash, and a black metallic lycra for the leggings, and sent it off to Jessie while I worked on the flute and accessories. After I received the costume base, I handpainted the peacock feather motifs on the sleeves, collar, and coattails with gold fabric paint and gold glitter, and also the swirly oriental designs on the belt sash.

And, damn, was it a sh*tload of (very tedious) painting. -_________________-" I have no desire to repeat that process.

The wig, at least, was pretty fun to style. I bought a long wavy wig and twisted the length of it into a topknot, secured by pins and a lot of hairspray, and fitted the headpiece over it.

I bought a pair of high heels for this costume with the intention of modifying them with craft foam and gold paint, but
in the end I left them black because they made my legs look longer. Went with prettiness over accuracy this time!
We had our shoot at the Chinese Gardens (where else but the gardens, seriously -_-), and as always, I must complain about the sweltering Singapore heat. I don't know how anyone can stand the humidity here. We were also set upon by an army of red ants in the bonsai gardens, up on the bridge. We had to climb up a short wall in order to get on the bridge, and while shooting there ants started to drop from the roof. I don't know how many Hokkien profanities I spewed, but I must have used up my entire repetoire LOL. I recall ripping my heels off, tossing them over the wall, and climbing back over at a speed unlikely for a chubby couch potato, hollering vulgarities as I went. My first instinct was to leap into the pond, but of course I didn't.

Naturally, we resumed shooting after picking the ants off of ourselves.

The bad luck didn't end there, however, as I discovered, as we were changing out of our costumes and preparing to go for dinner, that I'd left my civvies in the toilet cubicle when we were changing into our costumes earlier on in the day. A phone call to security revealed that the cleaners hadn't found any articles of clothing before they went home, which meant that SOME WHORE STOLE MY CLOTHES, GODDAMMIT. WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO STEAL AN OLD SHIRT AND A PAIR OF RATTY OLD SHORTS IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW. ARE YOU SICK? ARE YOU INSANE? ARE YOU A KLEPTOMANIAC?

Thank you, my wonderful teammates, for helping me buy replacement clothes as I hid in the car. <3

The photos were so worth everything, however. Thank you, epic photogs, for making me look pretty, for I was so anxious I would be an ugly Zhenji and ruin the character. <3 I also hadn't shot in such a large team for ages, with people of the same interests, and so it was a great, fun shoot.

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