Finished the last paper of the semester. Best feeling ever.

So, I'm back! Until the next academic peak-period, that is. I have so much backlog to clear, it's insane. But I'm looking forward to going through all our photo sets all the same.

We had our Type-0 photoshoots about a month ago. I have never ever had to coordinate such a huge team before, omg. A few hiccups along the way, but we pulled through in the end. Incredibly pleased with how the photos turned out so far, and hoping to receive more from our photogs over the next couple of weeks! Good job, team! <3

After that I kind of went into hiding for a while for submission week at school, and after that it was the exams. Psycho Pass photoshoot right smack in the middle of exam period, so I was pretty frazzled and chui but it was such an epic shoot with epic fun people. I love Psycho Pass, I really do, so I was just having a lot of fun and taking in the atmosphere. Many thanks to our epic Kagari for all the running around scouting locations the week leading up to the shoot, and basically getting everything in order. Haven't really seen any photos from the shoot yet, but I'm praying I don't look too bad lol.

So today, I finished up my stats paper and high-tailed the hell out of the exam hall. FREEDOM. I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT.

Anyway, Cosfest is coming up soon, which I'm pretty excited about. I hadn't planned to cosplay at all initially, but seeing as this semester's been a total bitch and I'm as burnt out as feck and I wanted to have some fun, I decided I wanted to do something after all. Really simple stuff though, so I can just wear them and walk in and out of the chalet room at leisure, without worrying about armor or props or irritatingly uncomfortable footwear. Also, the weather in Singapore is reeeeeeally shitty this time of the year, so I didn't want to burden myself with elaborate costumes and then melt and die in the humidity and the sun.

Whatever, what is cosplay. I'm just going to spend the week celebrating and eating and gaming and going to karaoke.

Hi! I've sent a PM on Facebook and Note on DeviantART. We would like to invite you. Thanks


I love your coslpays! I follow you in deviantart so I was super happy to accidentally find you blog! congrats for end the last paper!


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