Tokyo - LIVE -

Serizawa Reira (vocal)        Rainer               
Ichinose Takumi (bass)      seras-v
Honjo Ren (guitar)               Stanman
Fujieda Naoki (drums)       deathjok3r

Photography                          Nik Yan
Special Thanks                      Kirisaki, Risuchia, Holydust, Sihan & Zander
This was one of my dream cosplays - to have a complete ToraNesu, and shoot a live 'concert'. I'm probably the luckiest and happiest Reira ever, my teammates are actually legit pro at their respective instruments, and they're all so appropriate as the Trapnest boys, I really can't stop praising them <3 Hands down favourite shoot so far, and also, favourite cosplay. Wouldn't trade this team for anything at all in the world.

Many thanks also to our fantastic photog Nik Yan, for the epic lighting set up and post-processing. Made the photos look so epic, I wanted to cry when I saw everything. Am also super grateful to our helpers for coming down to assist us, and Zander for the instrument loans, wouldn't have been possible (or as fun lol) without you guys.

I could never really see myself as Reira even though I adore her character to bits, but I watched Olivia Lufkin MVs over and over and over and listened to ToraNesu songs, and rewatched all of their concert scenes and basically did everything I could to get into character lol. My bandmates on the other hand, it's like Trapnest was made for them, perfect! Super proud of everyone <3
Baby, this world is different from yesterday
I can't see anyone but you
Baby, my wish on a wing
Tears through the sky in one overwhelming word

Baby, I don't need a future or promises
As long as you're here
Baby, my wish on a wing
Send out this voice
And let it break through the flickering stars
- Fin -
PS:     But of course, this entry wouldn't have been complete without this last, most epic photo. Awesome BTS crew who sacrificed their personal time to come down to the shoot to help out. This Reira loves youuuuuuu allllll.



Awesome shoot! I am so in love with Reira too ;A; she needs more loovveeeee


Looks like a legit concert with all the smoke. haha.. Nik got smoke machine?

I love the last photo. hahaha


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