Recently I've been trying to cut down the amount I spend on costumes. As such, I'll be keeping track of the cost of each new costume here.

I'm currently working on Sun Shang Xiang's Rot3K DLC costume for DW8. I love that it's way more oriental than her contemporary default outfit, and is more faithful to her tomboy war-princess image. 

Also I love Rot3K.
Anyway, I've set a budget of 30SGD for this, seeing as I have a lot of scrap leftover fabrics from previous projects that I can use, and I'll only need to spend on materials for the props and accessories.

Besides her default fire wheels, I also wanted to make the bow and arrow set that she uses in her second musou attack. She has a quiver full of arrows slung across her back in this artwork anyway, so it would be kind of stupid to not have the bow, really.

The materials for the bow and arrows cost me $12. Everything (except scrap pieces of craft foam, and paint, which I already had on hand) was bought from Daiso, a place more glorious than the fields of Elysium, where every single item costs only 2SGD.

The base structure of the bow comprises two long plastic shoe horns, and a wooden dowel in between them. Other extranous details are just layers of craft foam, raised hotglue borders and scrollwork, and acrylic gems. The bowstring was just some random.. uhh, string.. that I found lying around the house.

The bowstring is entirely non-elastic, as the tension has to come from the bow being bent and drawn, rather than the string. The bow is functional in that there's enough tension to actually shoot an arrow, though not very far LOL. Since the joints between shoe horn and handle would be taking a lot of stress, I had to reinforce them by drilling through both shoe horn and the wood, and inserting a dowel, and applying copious amounts  of hot glue.

The arrows are made from thin wooden dowels, and tipped with craft foam arrowheads. I originally intended to fletch the arrows with feathers, but upon discovering that Daiso only sells down feathers instead of quill feathers, I beat my chest and wailed and cried and threw a great big tantrum and kicked a trash can over and flung myself into a river and decided to use craft foam instead.

With those out of the way, I find myself left with 18SGD to play around with. I've gotten started on the bracers and pauldron, which cost me nothing at all because I already have a lot of excess craft foam lying around. Hopefully I'll have the discipline to finish them before the week is over. Spraypainting is such a hassle, and my can of red spraypaint seems to be running dangerously low. Moneyyyy.

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