In dreams, I saw you
Wandering aimlessly down a small, narrow road.
As the shadowy darkness began to loom, you searched
You said "I've found my

Raven | D.A.I
Photography         Vaxzone
Special Thanks     Nik Yan, Sihan Chen, Valda, Eveline, & Hato
Tifa is one of my favourite Final Fantasy characters, I loved her strength, her patience, her emotional sensitivity, and her decisiveness. She's really the opposite of what I am, but I found I could identify with her the most out of all the characters in FFVII. I also love her fighting style and how athletic she is (although I'm a couch potato lol, hence I say we're opposites), so I really wanted to do a shoot for her that was more than just standing around and posing pretty. I spoke to Vax about it and was thrilled when he took me seriously lol.

We decided to do shots with a lot of movement, and flying yellow petals. I went to Daiso, bought a wreath of yellow flowers for two dollars, and cut them up into a bag of petals. Other than that, I didn't need to prepare much since I already had the costume, though I did switch to a new pair of shorts and boots since the previous pair of pants I used were ill-fitting, and I didn't want to wear heels for all the physical activity I had to do.

The shoot was actually really fun, despite being quite taxing. Much love to the five epic saikang warriors who came to help out in the terrible heat. Duties included flipping my wig, flipping my overskirt, throwing petals, picking up petals, creating smoke, and creating artificial wind. I don't even know how they managed  to do it. <3 Certainly the shoot wouldn't have been possible without them. Most importantly, Vaxzone came with his own concepts and expectations for the shoot, and was determined to try new things, which I appreciate greatly, and produced fantastic photos.

All in all I'm super pleased with the photographs! I think I've done Tifa too many times, so I was hoping for a fruitful shoot as a conclusion before I retire this costume. I'm glad to say this shoot and everyone involved in it was more than epic and I can retire happily LOL. Thank you!

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