Kuran Yuuki         Rieyn
Kuran Kaname    Rainer

Photography         Vaxzone
Special Thanks     Sihan, Mitsuki
Rieyn and I actually cosplayed the Kuran pair a long long time ago - Vampire Knight gallery

We wanted an appropriate indoor location for our GUILTY shoot, so we decided to book a hotel room. (Also, aircon LOL.) Managed to secure a double-storey suite with a very pretty spiral staircase leading up to a loft. It also had a very old-world, colonial aesthetic, which we felt was quite appropriate.

As usual Vax came to the shoot very prepared, and with ideas of his own that he wanted to execute, so our shoot was very well directed and very productive. Kudos also to our epic helpers for helping to throw (and pick) rose petals, and move furniture, and helping adjust our wigs as we posed.
At about midnight we moved to the lavishly decorated hotel lobby for a few photographs. Unfortunately at around this time our wigs started to lose their curl and volume, we have no idea why. LOL. We called it a day after that and, exhausted, made our way back to the room, where we watched on TV half of The Hitcher, starring the very unfortunate Sean Bean LOL. After a wonderfully hot shower I could feel the beginnings of a major sore throat, and pretty much just flopped onto my bed and died till morning.

And yes, I had a very bad sore throat the next day. But it was worth it! Probably one of the more interesting shoots I've had; never actually shot in a hotel before. 'Twas a good experience, and I enjoyed the constant aircon, without which I would have died in my velveteen coat.

Biggest challenge - Trying not to look like a perverted creep.

Haha.. It's always nice shooting in cold weather! :D I am trying to move to directing and planning ideas for shoots since we last spoke. It's turning out well! The photos were good! And I had lots of fun. Thanks for the advice! :DDD


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