This cosplay is taking way too long to complete. School term's started, and besides coursework and the other little technicalities of life, I'm spending most of my free time gaming or exercising to blow off steam. Which leaves me with an hour or two each night, should I actually feel like working on anything cosplay-related lol.

Decided to try something different with the headpiece, instead of the usual craft foam. These are made almost entirely from 3D puffy paint, which I hoped would look more like metalwork and less like, well, craft foam.

It's a really simple process. I sketched out the pieces on a piece of paper and traced them onto a clear file. I then went over it with puffy paint. The stuff kind of like sinks and spreads out, so it created a nice raised surface with rounded edges, unlike the boxy sharp edges that craft foam would give, if that makes sense. After the first layer dried, I went over with another layer, and then after that dried and set, the raised details were drawn on in thin lines.

If I'd embedded thin wire in the paint, I could have just peeled off the pieces and used them as they were, but alas I didn't, so instead I cut them out with a craft knife together with the plastic file.

The main piece aka that birdlike thing needed extra reinforcement, so I cut a length of stiff wire, bent it into shape, and glued it to the back, adding a copious layer of hotglue over it to conceal it. The body of the bird (that just sounds so weird, Idek) was cut from two layers of craft foam and then glued onto the wings.

These are just going to be glued onto a thin hairband so they can be worn easily. I should probably get started on the costume itself soon. LOL.

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