-  Studio Shoot pt.I  -

Photography by Nik Yan

         - deathjok3r
Deuce     - Jovelle
Trey         - Sihan
Cater       - Jesuke
Cinque    - sakurazaki-san
Sice          - Rainer
Seven      - Holydust
Eight        - Max
Nine        - Alvin
Jack         - Zander
King         - Leo
Queen     - Jasmione
Machina  - Yokey
Rem         - Reiko
Kurasame - ZJ
Emina      - Cubie
Kazusa     - seras-v
After more than a year of planning, we finally managed to execute this! I'm usually quite wary of planning things in huge teams because it's just so difficult to keep everyone on the same page and motivated and everything, but we did it! Of course we encountered some hiccups and at more than one point I just wanted to rip my hair out LOL, but we've all come very far and I'm glad to have this team of awesome people with me. Extremely proud of us! 

We decided to divide the project into separate photoshoots - both outdoor and in a studio. Today's entry will cover just the content from the studio shoot. It took quite a bit of planning, but we managed to fit all seventeen of us into our 9am - 6.30pm schedule, with time left over for a class excursion to the mall... for excellent japanese pasta. 

 Our goal was to recreate the official CGI artwork for each character, as well as playing card -inspired portraits, and finally one huge class photo, which requires a massive amount of DI, and is currently in the works.

We also have coscards available (koped this photo from my bro Trey)! The first batch was given out at Cosfest a couple of weeks ago. Do look out for us at events this year if you're interested in collecting 'em all!  We'll probably be scattered all over the event hall (not necessarily in Type-0 getup).

And that's all for the first part of the project, hope everyone likes the photos, a lot of hard work went into these. Thank you team for being awesome, and of course a huge thank you also to Nik, our epic photographer responsible for the photos you see in this entry.

I'll just end this post  with two extra BTS photos of the most important member of the team - our school flag. She's the best.  

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